Missed us at OrcaCon or just want to play again? Have no fear! We’ll be demoing Wreck-A-Mecha with playtestNW on Saturday, February 18th. Who is PlaytestNW, you ask?

Based out of Seattle, playtestNW is a cabal of designers with the sole mission of bringing enjoyment through tabletop games to the masses. Our playtestNW events wouldn’t be the same without the generous help of the eager gamers and game designers who volunteer their time for event hosting and community outreach.

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The event will be hosted at Round the Table in Lynnwood, WA from 12pm-5pm. We’ll have multiple copies of Wreck-A-Mecha on hand and other game designers will be there with their games, too. You can find more details on the event page. Come join us, play, and help shape these pre-release games with your feedback.

playtestnw wreck-a-mecha