Wondering what comes next after Wreck-A-Mecha? Well wonder no more! We’re excited to finally announce the next card game from Black Table Games!

Rapid Encounter shrinks down the strategic battles of classic Japanese Roleplaying Games (JRPGs) into a micro-game that fits in your pocket. 2 players go head to head, giving semi-secret commands to their party of 3 characters.

Your opponent knows who a command is targeting, but not what the command is, so bluffing becomes a vital tool. Getting inside your opponent’s head will be the key to victory in this 10-15 minute death match.

Utilize a variety of characters and find which ones work best together in your 3-character party. Choose heroes or beasts in standard play, or mix and match in the game’s special variant modes.

Want to playtest the latest prototype yourself? Come find us at GameStorm in Portland, Oregon in March 28-31. We’ll be testing mirror matches with the current hero team with any willing playtesters around.