It’s been awhile, but here it is! We just received our prototype of the Backer Pilot Pack and it’s looking great. The pack features 12 exclusive pilots based on the kickstarter backers at the BECOME INGLORIOUS and NEW HIGH SCORE tiers. And don’t forget, backers at the COMBO MASTER and NEXT STAGE will be getting a copy of this as well.

Each character boasts a unique ability not found in the core game as well as their own back story. With all these new pilots, there’s no shortage of ways to play. And soon there will be even more! We’re working on the first expansion for Inglorious Space and, while we don’t want to spoil the details, we’re very excited with what’s coming. We’ve been listening to what players have asked for and that feedback is going right into the new expansion.

We’ll be shipping out the backer pilot backs very soon. Until then, be sure to follow updates on the Black Table Games Facebook and Twitter.