UPDATE: The stream was delayed due to illness and is now Sunday at 5pm PST.

Hey gamers! If you’ve been wanting to see Inglorious Space in action or even find a chance to try it yourself, we have good news for you….

Saturday Stream

We’ve had some people message us about seeing a full multiplayer game from beginning to end and we’re happy to say we’ll be streaming one this Saturday. The stream will take place on April 2nd on Jonah Gregory’s twitch channel at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time. If the name sounds familiar you might recognize him as the author of the Here There Be Robots comic, one of the writers of the Sci-Fi podcast SAYER, or the man behind the Inglorious Space character bios.

Be sure to keep up to date as we prepare for the stream by liking our facebook page and following @blacktablegames on twitter.

Local Events

We’re working out the details on several demo events for Inglorious Space, but 2 of them we can announce right now.

First off, if you’re in the Everett, WA area this Saturday afternoon we’ll be at Wishes Games in the Everett Mall from 2pm-5pm. Come play a round with us.

And lastly, we’ll be at Sammy’s Pizza in Tacoma, WA on April 6th for the Gamerati meetup. Be sure to join us for some pizza and gaming