Greetings (Card)Gamers,

Here at Black Table Games we’re always fine-tuning our games so that you’re getting the most fun for your time. With that in mind, we have retired the damage shift mechanic of Inglorious Space. In its stead, we’re instituting the ram feature!

What’s ram? Players can use a command card to shove a player next to them over one space in the direction indicated on the command card. There are several rules players using ram must remember.

  1. The player being shoved must have a space open for them to be shoved into.
  2. Both the player shoving and the player being shoved sustain 1 damage.
  3. Neither player can sustain a killing hit by means of a ram.

What can ram be used for? Moving in position to obtain the killing blow on an enemy, moving out of firing range of an enemy, moving another player into enemy fire. These are only a few of the ways we have utilized ram during our play tests. We are sure you’ll think of even more inglorious ways to play with this cool new feature.