Greetings (Card)Gamers,

After much anticipation, the art work and pilot bio are finished for the final core-set pilot of Inglorious Space. We now present with great pleasure, Ada Neptune:

“Starship repair wasn’t her first career choice. That’s why she decided to fly away with a client’s newly repaired starship and never look back. Under her new name, Ada Neptune has tried several times to break into the galactic underworld, but after turning in her crew to save her own skin, she’s running out of bridges to burn.”

Players who choose this unstable, unpredictable pilot can make use of Ada’s “twinshot” ability. By using two cards, players may shoot in two different directions at the same time.

The pixel style artwork of all the pilots, designed to pay homage to the old-school shmups which were it’s inspiration, was done by one of Inglorious Space‘s primary creators, Jesse Gregory. The pilot bios were the work of the incomparable Jonah Gregory. Both of these guys are avid gamers and we encourage those who play Inglorious Space to be on the lookout for tips, nods and winks at the video games that made all of this possible.

Until next time!