We are pleased to report that GameStorm was a fantastic experience.

Both Wreck-a-Mecha and Inglorious Space were stationed downstairs in the gamelab on Sunday. Even though we were afraid that a Sunday slot might deter gamers (being the last day of the con), we received a lot of constructive feedback from a lot different gamelab players.

We had fun in all of our slots (two for each game). All of our players offered of a lot of helpful insights into our games and were enthusiastic and entertaining to work with. We want to thank all of you and hope you’ll stay in touch as the games you played finish up their development.

On top of that, we had the chance to talk to other game makers about their games and the industry. And when we weren’t talking business, we were surrounded by games in all stages of development to try out!

To all the people who played our games, offered us advice, criticism, or let us play their games, we would like to say thank you. It was a great weekend.

Here are some pics from our weekend at GameStorm 17.