Inglorious Space

A 1-4 player, semi-cooperative tabletop game inspired by arcade shooters of the 80s & 90s.

Based on classic arcade shoot-em-ups from Galaga to Gradius, Inglorious Space is a tabletop game about working together… as long as it’s profitable. Players take control of ace bounty hunters and use “Command Cards” to pilot their fighters across space, shoot enemies, and activate unique character abilities.

In multiplayer, the enemy is too much for you to overcome. Allegiances are made by necessity. But as soon as your usefulness has run out, you better watch your back! There’s money to be made on these bounties and between a cold-hearted strategist, an unpredictable hot head, an infamous con artist, and a wanted backstabber, you may find your ship rammed into the path of enemy fire.

Meanwhile, single player features adjusted difficulty that, while manageable, makes every action count. Meticulous decision making is rewarded to earn the highest score (and bragging rights).


1-4 Players
30-60 Minutes