We’re excited to share that we’ve put in the order to our manufacturing and fulfillment partner for the Inglorious Space core game! By our estimation, backers should be receiving their copies on schedule in early-to-mid June. Of course, for the small few missing surveys, that’ll likely be a bit later.

What’s Next?

We’re still working hard on the other upcoming rewards. Stickers and bead sprites will likely be the next items to go out for the tiers that get them. In the meantime, we’re making sure the Lego ship designs are up to our standards, creating the Backer Pilot Packs, and designing the expansion. There’s still much to do, but it won’t be long until you can play your own copy of Inglorious Space while you wait!

Pre-Orders Still Open

Although we’re sending out copies to kickstarter backers, pre-orders for Inglorious Space will stay open until we’re ready to sell the game online in the not too distant future. You can pre-order Inglorious Space here.