After much hard work, we’re proud to unveil the latest prototype for Inglorious Space! This version is near-final with only a few more tweaks to be made and checked over (mostly minor color adjustments due to a change in our printer’s card stock).

One of the biggest new additions in this prototype is our first professionally printed play mat. A huge improvement over the quick and dirty hand made mat shown in previous posts like this one. The star pattern on it matches the one shown on the player and enemy cards to help them feel like they’re really part of the scene. It’s also divided into 2 halves which makes it easy to overlap them and scale the 6×5 square map to 5 or 4 squares wide when playing with a smaller number of people.

Inglorious Space Play Area

We’ve reworked all the player ship cards to feature they’re pilots as well as additional ability text. We also now have unique player aid cards that feature each character’s backstory on the other side. The new first player token features the iconography and colors of our new logo (a huge improvement over the generic one in our last prototype).

New damage tokens are much smaller and easy to work with. We also have color coded mine tokens for each player when it’s time for fallen players to get revenge.

These are just some of the changes in our new prototype. Want to see some more pics? Head over to the gallery section of the Inglorious Space page!