Greetings (Card)Gamers,

Several of our play-testers have asked about¬†backstories for both of our games. Our own curiosity led us to explore what might be the universe surrounding Inglorious Space. It’s with great pleasure that we’re able to present you the results.

The final frontier is being conquered. The Ultra Terram Coalition (UTC) is expanding the reaches of the known universes and with it, its grasp. Peace, willing or otherwise, follow in its wake. However, individual fighters, allied to no one (definitely not each other) have fallen through the cracks. Now they’re carving out their own inglorious place in space. No matter the price.

This introductory background leaves lots of “space” (yeah, we went there) for expansion and speculation. We hope to be able to build on it as Inglorious Space continues to develop.

Let us know what you think!