Greetings (Card)Gamers,

Introducing the fourth pilot for Inglorious Space, Julius Nova. Nova is the third pilot available in the core set.

“Traditionally trained at the academy, Julius Nova is an excellent pilot that nearly washed out of the program due to his inability to keep his mouth shut. He elevates flying by the seat of his pants to an art form, consequences be damned. Nova was meant to fly in legendary hero James Halbart’s squadron against the X-35 AI, but was grounded at the last minute for starting a brawl in crew quarters.”

Nova’s ship is equipped with the jump drive. This is one of the more difficult ships to pilot, but allows players to jump out of cramped situations and leap across more than one space of the board in a turn.

You can read the rest of the bios from write Jonah Gregory on the characters section of the Inglorious Space page.