UPDATE (3/17): Online signups have closed, but in-person signups will continue on the GameStorm showfloor all weekend.


The day has come! Black Table Games officially has times and tables to announce for our upcoming weekend at GameStorm.

Follow the LINK to the schedule. There are two sessions for Inglorious Space and two for Wreck-a-Mecha on Sunday (3/22).

Sign up quickly because those spots are filling fast (and we aren’t just saying that). For those that go to sign up and see that we might have reached capacity on some games, PLEASE sign up anyway. There’s no telling when a game will finish early or when someone may have to drop out, opening an extra spot just for you.

Amongst all this revelry, we regret to inform you that we have not been assured of actual black tables at the con.

See you there!

Sunday (3/22) Game Lab Sessions